Five Minutes with Fella;

Remy Bernhardt

Remy Bernhardt is known for her classic and authentic style that brings about a sense of timelessness to her work. Remy is an Australian stylist who spends most of her time travelling internationally to exclusive locations around the world, helping clients bring narrative and life to their fashion campaigns and editorials.

Most recently, we were lucky enough to have Remy style a little shoot for us over in Bali, so we managed to grab her for a quick chat to find out more about her line of work, her travels + her life behind the scenes.

Imagery by Remy Bernhardt @remygbernhardt

How did you get into styling?

I kind of ‘fell’ into styling. I have always loved the art of photography and fashion, and I wanted a career where I had the flexibility to travel for work, but I never really thought styling would end up being a full time gig for me. It wasn’t until I met the amazing Amberly Valentine when I was on a surf trip in Sri Lanka. We were doing our nails on the balcony before going out for a few cocktails on the beach when she offered me to travel to Miami and Africa to help her style her campaigns. It was one of those too good to be true moments, where everything fell perfectly in place for me. We travelled together for 6 weeks and continued to work together for 2 straight years. Amberly trained and taught me pretty much everything I know when it comes to styling and concept development. Since moving back to Australia I have also been photographing a lot more and I’m loving the balance of both styling and shooting for particular jobs.

Three essentials in your styling kit?

I have this incredible product in my kit that is called Grandma’s Crease spray, it basically removes wrinkles in clothes when you don’t have time to steam a garment on set — every stylist needs to get onto this! Large binder clips and safety pins are also a must!

Where in the world is your favourite spot to swim?

Any little cove or beach in Menorca. The water is so crystal clear and divine!

My number one skincare secret is ...

I believe less is more when it comes to skincare. Anything from Emma Lewisham works a treat for my skin. I love their sustainable initiatives and use their Supernatural vitamin A face oil product first thing in the morning and just before bed.

What's your career highlight so far?

I would say that all my jobs have all been highlights and proud moments so far, but working in Kenya will always be at the top of my list. It is such a special place to me and I have loved all the work that we have created there.


I find inspiration from the places I explore and travel to, I would definitely say I had a creative block during the pandemic but since the borders have opened up I’m feeling excited and inspired again.

Dream next holiday destination?


You recently shot our new Violet range, tell us more about where the shoot was taken.

We shot the range down at Bingin Beach in Bali, it was such a magic afternoon. Bingin is by far my favourite place on the island, and it was actually my first trip overseas in 2 years so I was so excited to be there.

Essential travel playlist?

My best friend Jess James made a banger playlist called “isolation therapy” on Spotify. I’ve been listening to the playlist on repeat since Covid.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

My mum always told me to do things that are “life giving”. As a teenage I never understood what she meant by it, but as I’ve grown older I realise she means to make decisions and choices that will be fulfilling for both myself and the people around me. Whether it be choosing the right career path, the right relationships or friendships. I’ll always think back to mum and make sure that my decisions will be life giving.


The Violet range from Del Sol is divine. The Chad bottom and Brad top are definitely my favourite cuts.