Five minutes with Fella;

Liz Sunshine

Liz Sunshine’s work has become synonymous with the street style genre through her definitive documentation of personal style. Having worked with some of today’s most influential brands, both locally and internationally, she is at the forefront of the fashion industry and continues to define style. We were lucky enough to have her answer a few questions for our Five Minutes with FELLA blog, here’s what she said —

Where are you based? Where are you from?

Melbourne, but I grew up in Manilla, NSW.

What does the notion of ‘home’ mean to you?

Being home is being surrounded by friends + family.

Where in the world is your favourite spot to swim?

Anywhere remote and untouched.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

First to my parents in the Snowy Mountains, second Italy.

To me, Summer feels like ...

Fresh fruit, balmy nights, hard light, + play.

We have all been spending more time at home than ever. Have you perfected any recipes of late, and if so, would you please share your favourite with us?

Gluten-free crêpes with lemon + sugar.

How did you find yourself working in your industry?

Nothing happened by accident, everything was hard work.

Where do you find inspiration?

Old books, new friends, art + galleries.

Current book, podcast or playlist?

Slim Aarons — Women.

Favourite local spot?

France Soir.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Run your own race.

Your favourite male name for future Fella style name inspiration.