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All of our products at Fella Swim are designed with you in mind and feature everything from ultra-chic bikini tops, cheeky cut bikini bottoms and classic one piece swimsuits. Readmore…

Best Swimsuits in Australia

If you are looking for the best quality swimsuits in Australia, look no further than Fella Swim.

All of our gorgeous bikini tops, bikini bottoms and one piece swimsuits are made from the finest Italian fabrics and are designed to be timeless, flattering, bold and feminine.

Instead of relying on bulky padding, all of Fella Swim’s designs are structurally supportive and are made to accentuate your curves in all the right places while still offering comfort.

At Fella Swim, we pay great attention to the detail of all of our designs and ensure that our swimsuits look beautiful from every angle.

We also favour clean and classic, yet bold and powerful designs that come in a range of simple colours. This allows each swimwear piece to speak for itself and allows you to wear our designs in whatever way works best for your body.

Some of our favourite pieces include the gorgeous Mad Max one piece, which is one of our most popular slip on swimsuits and features a 70’s style high neck with mesh hip inserts. The one piece is also backless, giving it an elegant, yet dramatic look.

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Along with being perfect for the beach, our Mad Max one piece makes for a perfect body suit due to the high quality material and versatile design.

Another popular swimsuit from our collection is the feminine and beautiful Bowie Strap bikini top. This design features two cross-over mesh panels that form a bra shape. This design is so well crafted that it is naturally supportive and doesn’t require any underwire or padding. This top can be mixed with any of our gorgeous Fella Swim bottoms however, our favourite match with the Bowie Strap top are the Jon Jon bottoms. These cheeky cut bottoms have an outer mesh detail and compliment the Bowie strap design perfectly.

We offer a range of cheeky cut bikini bottoms, as they are not only sexy and cute, but they are also great when it comes to working on your summer tan.

One of our favourite bikini bottoms include the Marky Mark, which has a flirty cut out on the side and is made from Italian heat bonded lycra. This style looks great matched back with the heat bonded Pepe top. You’ll look like a Bond girl on the beach.

All of our Fella Swim bikini tops and bottoms can be purchased separately, which means that you get full control over what style and size you wish to purchase.

We also offer a special "mix and match" feature, which allows you to find the perfect combination of our bikini tops and bottoms.

Along with being able to mix and match your bikini tops and bottoms, we also offer the option to customise all of our swimwear to suit your individual needs.

This is what truly sets Fella Swim apart from the competition, and is what makes us one of the most popular and best quality swimwear lines in the world.

Our customisable options start at just $25 and include everything from adjusting the bust size of your bikini top to increasing the band of your bikini bottoms.

We also offer more specific and detailed alterations for those looking to really achieve that flawless fit. This includes altering the size of the top or bottom end of your one piece swimsuit or having your swimsuit made in an XXS or XL size.

Whether you choose our basic or more detailed custom tailoring package, we will work with you through the process every step of the way, so you can be sure that your swimsuit is going to look amazing.

When you get a custom tailored option with us, it not only allows you complete control over the sizing of your swimsuit, but it also allows your Fella Swim bathers to look like they were made just for you.

All of our designs are timeless and made with the highest quality Italian fabrics, so you can be sure your purchase is going to last you a lifetime.

Scroll through our selection of gorgeous tops, bottoms and one pieces, and don’t forget that all of our items can be customised to suit your body shape and size.

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